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Five Things to Consider When Becoming a Tropic Ambassador

Whether you have decided to become a Tropic Skincare Ambassador or you are still thinking about it, here's five things to consider before you take the plunge.

1. New Year new possibilities! January is a great time to join

If you want to do something amazing in 2020 then January is a great time to start your own business with Tropic. One of the wonderful reasons to join Tropic is the incentives they run throughout the year and everyone who joins gets the chance to 'Leap Ahead' and receive £140 in product vouchers.

If you register by 31st January 2020 with me you will be eligible for double Leap Ahead rewards when you achieve all 4 Leap Ahead Levels! That's £280 in Tropic vouchers to spend on whatever you wish! This is over £80 more than the cost of the Starter Kit (priced at £198, you receive over £400 worth of products). Treat yourself or use the free vouchers for customer orders - meaning 100% profit as you get the products for free. Wow!

Achieve all 4 Leap Aheads within 30 days and you will also receive the latest Luxury Kit Bag (see picture of the beautiful bag!). What better way to feel stylish and professional on your new business journey?

 2. Consider who to join with

If your friend has introduced you to Tropic then there isn't really any question over who it should be, but if you don't know anyone then here are a few qualities to look for in a manager:

- kindness. We all need some kindness and a little helping hand. When you have a chat with someone will they help you when you need it most?

- commitment and belief. Are they committed to Tropic and your success too? It doesn't matter whether you take a break or go all in, if someone believes in you, your whole being changes in a second. You can do it!

- fun. We all want to have fun! Tropic doesn't feel like work and you don't want someone who is too serious.

- enthusiasm and passion. Do they love the products, the ethics and are excited to share everything they know?

- pressure. As Tropic is a fun, rewarding and supportive business model you need someone who can encourage you to reach your dreams but not pressure you in terms of sales, recruitment or time.

- availability and flexibility. Are they going to be there when you need them? If you need flexibility over timing are they going to accept that?

- friendship. Unlike a 9 - 5 job, Tropic gives you the opportunity to make genuine friendships. Is your potential manager friendly?

These are the qualities that I think are the most important and that I live by with my team. I'm so grateful that I get to work with all of them and whatever I do, I encourage them to do too and give them the tools for success.

3. Learn as you earn

Don't panic. You will get full training and support. As well as a guide book to work through when you join, there are weekly conference calls you can dial in to and monthly meetings but none of these are obligatory. You can do as much or as little as you like. You don't have to speak up, you can just listen and you can ask questions you think about whilst on the call or afterwards. There are some great ideas you can put into practice and I will be on hand to train you at a time to suit you if you join my team.

4. Sharing the Tropic love

With Friends. Sharing the Tropic love through a Tropic Pamper Experiences is a great way to start. It is just a case of getting a few friends over for a chat and the chance to get pampered.

Lend out the products. Let people try the products themselves for a week or so in the comfort of their own home.

At Yours. Invite your friends, family and neighbours over once a month. They can try the products and have a catch-up with you at the same time.

Online. Social media is a great way to establish your business online. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Tumblr, YouTube and Snap Chat you can demonstrate products and tell everyone what you love about Tropic.

Out and about. This might include sharing Tropic with others at your local hobby or exercise class, a mother and baby group, by holding a stall at a local fair, at a networking event, at a charity event, when raising money for charity or dropping into local businesses who might be interested in selling Tropic products.

5. Set your goals.

There's no goal too big or too small. You may just want to sell products in your salon or at home, you may want to build a team, build your confidence, create an escape from mental health issues or you may want to share and create a great online business. Tropic lets you do all of these. It works your way.

I can help you set your goals and encourage you to aim for the stars - where I want to go!

Whether you choose to join Team Tropic Rocks with me or another Ambassador I wish you success and happiness in your Tropic journey. It really is the best!

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