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Why is Hyaluronic Acid so effective?

Did you know why Hyaluronic Acid is so effective? Because it’s already there! One of the reasons Hyaluronic Acid works so well in skincare is because it’s simply boosting what is already present in your skin💧 Our skin naturally produces Hyaluronic Acid to maintain hydration but factors including daily wear and tear, age and UV rays means our naturally occurring levels are diminished - leaving skin tired, uneven and dehydrated 🌞 and while dry skin can cause cracks and peeling, dehydrated skin is wholly different 🥀 When our skin is deprived of moisture - due in part to diminishing levels of our naturally-occurring Hyaluronic Acid - lines and wrinkles appear and skin is left looking dull and lacklustre ☹️

Hyaluronic Acid has a unique capacity to bind and retain water molecules, to reduce transepidermal waterloss and keep skin hydrated. One molecule of Hyaluronic Acid can retain a whopping 1,000 times its weight in water and helps maintain our skin's natural moisture and bounce 🦋

As Hyaluronic Acid is such a super ingredient it is in our SKIN FEAST nourishing cream concentrate £24 | 50ml along with a feast of 20 skin-loving plant, fruit and flower extracts. As well as hydrating, Skin Feast helps to brighten your skin and boost it too. Antioxidant-rich Australian kakadu plum is said to be the most vitamin C-rich fruit in the world, boosting skin elasticity and brightness and berry seed oils from strawberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry and rosehip provide a boost of antioxidants and omega fatty acids. The orange colour comes from the CO2 extracted rosehip, which is rich in beta-carotene and has the added benefit of increasing natural radiance. Your skin will feel super soft, smooth and nourished 💚

Your Skin Feast is now available in an unscented version, without essential oils, for those with very sensitive skin. Shop here.

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