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Mental Health Day

I had a great day this week supporting a Mental Health Day event locally. I loved spreading the Tropic Rocks love and although after 15 treatments I was a little tired, it was more than worth it to meet some amazing people and hear their stories. You never know what is happening to someone when you meet them. As I have Bipolar Disorder II myself I am a big advocate of raising awareness. Mental health issues are so common but there is still a stigma. It must be sub-conscious but when I tell someone I suffer with Bipolar I feel the need to qualify that 'I'm not mad'. Why do I do this? I shouldn't do it nor feel I have to. It doesn't matter if I am mad. Quite a lot of people do think I'm a bit bonkers and I suppose I play up to it but I hope by doing so others will feel that they can be themselves too.

This is one of the reasons I love being a Tropic Ambassador. I am so passionate about the product range and proud that it is all natural, vegan and cruelty free. When I volunteer at events such as the one this week I never worry that people may have sensitive skin and I can't help them because everything is suitable. The products are suitable and safe for babies so I'm more than happy to share them whenever I get the chance!



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