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Why do people join Tropic?

What can I say? I LOVE being a Tropic Ambassador. I joined because I fell in love with the products which were introduced to me via an old friend. I didn't really know what to expect as it was my first time joining a company with a social selling structure. I was pleasantly surprised. It was the first time I had worked anywhere that:

- was genuinely supportive

- if I did nothing, that was OK, I wasn't pressured or hassled

- I could work around me

- if I did well, I was rewarded for my hard work

- I was paid equally and the pay structure was totally transparent

- I was given incentives to work through gifts, trips and free products

- I had the opportunity to grow my business and be taken on an all expenses paid holidays, including to Mauritius, Morocco, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Where can you work that takes you on holiday?! Don't get me wrong, you have to put the work in but it is rewarding and relaxing (I'll be blogging on what you actually do as an Ambassador soon). Tropic is my little escape. When my mental health declines I can't always do much but what I do do, gives me a focus. You don't need to be doing it full time to achieve the incentives and you don't have to book lots of home 'parties' to run your business. I get it, they aren't for everyone although if people try them once they will enjoy them.

Common reasons for joining include:

- moving to a new area. Tropic means you will meet new people and make new friends.

- making friends. You will be introduced to a team of women online who believe in empowering each other. You can meet them in person too! There are team meetings, but they aren't obligatory.

- you're in the beauty industry. You want to stand out and use Tropic in your treatments (maybe as your vegan option?).

- wanting a new hobby. It's not just sales. I love making labels with pretty packaging to go on customer orders and other adorable little things.

- wanting an extra income. Tropic has one of the most generous reward structures.

- wanting experience that will help on your CV. As soon as you build your team you become a manager which will help you in your first career choice.

- for fun. Tropic IS fun! It never feels like work.

- you need something to fit around you, not you fit around something else. Tropic is so flexible and without pressure. If you have fur babies, caring duties or children you can work at times to suit you.

- you want to achieve your potential. Tropic is something you can be passionate about. There's no cap on earnings. There really isn't. If you build your business up over the next 5 years you will be set for life.

- you want a new challenge. If you put your mind to something you can do anything.

- you want something for you. Setting aside all the pressures of life, Tropic is something you can do just for you. You can do it from home or out and about. You'll feel so satisfied and a sense of achievement.

- you need something to take your mind off other pressures. Tropic gives you a focus away from real life. It is fun and you can do as little or as much as you like. You earn money too which is always a bonus!

Whatever your reason. Tropic is all about you and I would love to be the one that introduces you to that journey so please get in touch. I'm passionate about making people happy and I'm here for you. You'll never feel alone.

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